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Afropreneur Chi Consulting Services in an international development consultancy that partners with organizations to unlock their potential by navigating the challenges connected to equity, bias, diversity, inclusion anti-oppression, and anti-racism. We help leaders assess and put in place systems to routinely monitor and address the extent to which their organization promotes racial equity, diversity, and social and economic inclusion from within.


See our sample TOR here and email us to request more info about the services that we offer.


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Project | 01
Project | 01 DEI Content Development for Learning Modules

Provided DEI subject matter content expertise to the IRC for the development of a learning module for approximately 14,000 IRC staff during IRC Way Training – an initiative each year to reinforce their values, communicate appropriate behaviors and foster a sense of team and community. This content will be made available to a Learning partner that will digitize and gamify the content.

Strategic Peacebuilding
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Project | 02
Project | 02 Strategic Communications & Policy Writing

Created and facilitated trainings that utilized a dialogue processes methodology to shift the ideas of high level scholars, students, and the public to create a more embracing environment. In this capacity, participants learned how to effectively bring diverse stakeholders in complex situations together to achieve innovative breakthroughs.

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Project | 03
Project | 03 Gender Mainstreaming & Research Consulting

We have a team of independent researchers and consultants with broad experience in gender equality and women and girls' rights. Our consultants specialize in research, policy analysis and gender mainstreaming, with a particular interest in VAWG.

If you are seeking organizational learning and change management for your organization, we offer capacity building services (training, learning and strategic planning workshops) to enhance gender equality and inclusion in your work.

If you are interested in the advocacy leg of gender response, we have a team of community activists with a proven track record of launching successful campaigns. As us more about how we can work with you to develop social movements/activism.

Project | 04
Project | 04 Gender Mainstreaming for an Incubator
Our consultants developed a gender mainstreaming strategy for one of the companies participating in the JOONAFRICA incubator program. We provided the incubator with an opportunity to identify a gender responsive value chain that allowed for equitable benefits to men, women and youth.
Project | 05 Tru Blue Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy
Our DEI consultant developed and implemented a diversity and inclusion training curriculum that incorporated uniquely effective solutions to workplace challenges. Clients included Google, Major League Baseball and US Department of Labor. As a business builder and corporate strategist around a diversity and inclusion platform, we were able to successfully analyze and document research data for the roll out of a Diversity Best Practices dashboard.

Project | 05
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Project | 06
Project | 06 Professional Development Webinars

Our Principal Consultant, Chinonye Egbulem offers professional and organizational development workshops that incorporate both the use of mindfulness practices and discussions on how implicit biases arise from lack of racial awareness and privilege(s). We also work with HR staff and Employee Assistance Programs to setting up socially inclusive policies and long-term anti-racist programming.

The following sessions incorporate the use of mindfulness practices and discussions on how implicit biases arise from lack of racial awareness and privilege(s):

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