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About the Founder

My Philosopy

My sole purpose on Mother Earth is to avenge my ancestors by creating legacies of collective healing and abundance for all. 


As a birth justice advocate, I do this by building community and offering support to new and expanding families. 

My Story
My Training

Although technology is out here changing the game, nearly all of us were conceived in our mother’s womb and most would consider this as the point in time when we started our life. My story really begins with my mama, Catherine Nkechinyere Omile's story. During her pregnancy, she was an amputee (had one leg), had gestational diabetes, severe depression, and was single. Talk about trauma!!! The truth is that with little to no support, she didn't have the ideal labor and birthing experience. I am actively choosing to break this negative tradition by building community and creating a nurturing & supportive environment for birthing people and their families.

Pregnancy is a vital time of growth and development during which maternal nutrition significantly influences the future health of both mother and baby.

Parenting starts before birth. Understanding that the unborn child is conscious,  aware, and imprinting from its environment for survival or thriving allows for parents to move through pregnancy in a more mindful way. I merge new research on neuroscience, embryology, midwifery, epigenetics, pre & perinatal birth psychology, ecopsychology and consciousness studies with practical tools that assist in reaching a birth that best supports the mind, body, and spirit of mom, baby, and partner. Through this lens, the impact of birth is one that brings choice, empowerment, education, and attachment to healthy relationships.

I offer whole-being support from preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting.

I am a DMV native, who has a passion for birth, traditional healing modalities, reproductive justice, and women’s empowerment led me to and continue to guide my calling as a doula.

My spirit has been rooted in healing and birth work since a very young age. My involvement in maternal and child healthcare in East Africa, West Africa, North Africa, and South Africa has largely contributed to my work. I have birth babies, cried, laughed, and danced with mamas.

All pregnant bodies deserve access to supportive and compassionate care. Through collegiate studies and training, I have built on my natural inclination to be with, hold space for, and celebrate people going through reproductive experiences. It is a huge honor to work with people during this sacred and transformative time in their lives, especially when it comes to encouraging people to trust in their bodies.

Thank you for trusting me to be a part of your journey <3

~ Chi Chi

Postpartum Doula 

National Black Doulas Association

Accredited Postpartum Doula Training Program

NOURISH Doula Training Program 2022

Full Spectrum Doula 

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings 2021

Certified End-of-Life Doula

International Association of Professionals Career College Death Doula Certificate Course 2020

Masters Level Training

Master of Social Work (Children & Families) 2017

Master of Public Health 2017

“Thanks to Chi Chi’s love, support encouragement, and skills I have been able to create an advance planning document which details my wishes for the end of my life. Although I'm not sick, I am relieved to be prepared ”. Anita O.
“I would recommend Chi Chi as a doula to anyone. She was a powerful and essential component in two of the most important, transforming days of my life.” June B.
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